The Robin

As well as his poems (click here to read them), Dick Henderson has given us this little piece about our favourite winter bird:

The robin was crowned national bird in 1960. It is considered the gardener's friend. Many die during their first year if there are low winter temperatures. They eat worms, fruit, insects and seeds, and if you want to help them through the winter, besides these foods they like cheese and bacon rind.

Football teams Bristol City, Crewe Alexandra, Swindon Town, Cheltenham Town and Wrexham, as well as Hull Kingston Rovers rugby team all play in red and are called 'The Robins'. 

A folktale says that a small brown bird flew to the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross, and was stained with his blood, and so became the 'robin redbreast'. 

The robin's association with Christmas cards is probably because postmen in Victorian Britain wore red jackets and were nicknamed 'Robins'.