Questions Jesus asked

Christian Women’s Scottish 64th Annual Convention.  1-3 April 2016.


Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? The Questions Jesus asked.

Canon Jane Clay, a retired prison chaplain took us through the gospels looking at some of those questions. Some of the questions Jesus asked were looking for an answer, not because Jesus didn’t know the answer, but to make the person (and us) think; sometimes Jesus asked rhetorical questions, perhaps to make a point; some questions he asked out of love for a person and even some when he despaired of God.

What questions do we ask? What can we do about the current crisis? Why are we afraid? Do we love Jesus and what does that lead us to do . . . . ?

Jane mainly worked in women’s prisons so had no problem keeping the attention of a number of women of varying ages, concentration spans and backgrounds!  There was lots of laughter, deep thoughts and conversation over the weekend and at the end of the last session there was silence as we did not want it to stop!

Rita Marley, President, and Lyn Higton, Secretary, welcomed us all on the Friday evening and shared news of some of the people missing due to ill-health, of themselves or their partners. 

Jean, who did the Friday evening epilogue, told us a moving story of two men in a hospital ward. One of them had to lie flat while the other could sit up for a short time each day.  The man sitting up described a wonderful view from the window and his description kept the other man going.  Unfortunately the man who could sit up died and the other was moved to where he could see out of the window, only to discover it looked onto a brick wall.  His friend was blind and had been making up a scene to help keep himself and his friend’s spirits up.

Saturday evening was a social led by some from the N E England group; Little Red Riding Hood will never be the same again! Two quizzes with winner and booby prizes then singing - I hope Joan’s fingers have recovered from pounding on the out-of-tune piano! We are promised something different to play on next year once the centre’s alterations are done.  The weekend finished with a moving communion service led by Mary Barr, including prayers and a reading by others.

Next year Margery Tate is to become the new secretary with some of the jobs shared amongst others as we have realised that Lyn has been doing a huge job and is due ‘a seat in the back row’!

The Atholl Centre in Pitlochry, where we stayed, already has some en-suite accessible ground-floor bedrooms and by this time next year will have a ground-floor, fully equipped conference room.  So there’s no excuse for not coming in 2017!  The main speaker in next year will be May Simpson - she has been before and her nickname became ‘the wallpaper lady’.  Come and find out why!  The Centre has been booked for 31 March to 2 April.  Booking forms should come out around October 2016 so keep a look out.

Apologies if I have got anything wrong or missed a vital piece of news! Susan Rand


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