Christ is Risen!

A message from Abuna Elias Chacour, Melkite Archbishop Emeritus of Galilee, who is part of the education project you'll see articles about elsewhere in this website.

Christmas is not, for us, the main liturgical celebration. It was always, and is still, the exciting news about what happened to the crucified Jesus Christ, who hanged on the cross and died. He is Risen! We want to remind everyone, near and far, that He is Risen Indeed! This historical fact is fundamental to our faith, it’s from the Resurrection that we are inspired, and do preach that there is no privilege for Jew against gentile, man against woman or lord against slave, because we are all called to become adopted children of God. It is the reason why in our church we greet each other with “Christ is Risen!”, thus the resurrection became the fascinating event of hope – no more ‘good morning’ or ‘good day’, no more ‘good night’, no more ‘happy feast’ no more ‘best wishes’, but only and repeatedly “Christ is Risen!” and the reply “He is Risen Indeed!”

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