The Siyabona Trust

                           THE SIYABONA TRUST


In 2001, four of our church members visited a crèche in Natal, South Africa and were appalled at the conditions the children had to endure.  After making in depth enquiries they discovered that their guide, Reg Bartlett, a truly Christian gentleman, together with three like minded colleagues, had opened a Tribal Heartlands Development Fund with the local bank, the aim being to start with the installation of decent toilets, and thereafter clean up the building and repair and improve the furniture and teaching aids.

On hearing the story, Trinity church members readily agreed to help support this Fund and have done so ever since.   The scheme was extended to include a neighbouring crèche where the conditions, if anything, were even worse.  The Fund also provided considerable support for aids orphans as well as a nutritious daily feeding scheme. 

Unfortunately, Reg died in 2010 but the Fund was taken under the umbrella of The Siyabona Trust administered by Molly and Gordon Bailey who have done wonderful work in the crèches of the area.

Molly and Gordon are committed grassroots community workers who have cashed in their pension and sold their house, investing the proceeds into their community work.  They have been instrumental in the formation of the Siyabona Trust which works in very remote areas trying to ensure that children are fed a meal at school, educating crèche teachers, ensuring that the school can meet sanitation and basic hygiene requirements and, most importantly, supporting orphaned children and HIV/AIDS patients.

They have also set up a Youth Living with Purpose programme with the object of addressing the cause rather than the effects.  Guiding and scouting programmes have been introduced into the schools and, as well as promoting good citizenship, the members of these groups are encouraged to identify the needy in their respective areas, visit the blind, disabled and sick as well as gathering clothes and food for distribution.


Since they started back in 2001, Trinity Church members have raised well over £13,000 for this amazing work. The church is proud to support such a worthwhile cause and feel it a privilege to be able to help those who are so much worse off than ourselves.   We also know for a fact that 100% of any money collected goes directly to where it is needed most.