Bible Study - week 5 notes

Session 5 – Thursday 4th December

Section 5 – Clouds of Evening – Chapter 11:1 – 13:37


  1. Have you got any comments or questions arising out of the last Session? Did you learn anything new? Have you any insights to share (and can we put them on the website?)
  2. Did you manage to read the section for this week? Did it raise any questions or puzzles for you? Did you see anything that you hadn’t seen or thought of before? Any other comments?
  3. The ‘teaching of the disciples’ and their gradual ‘bit-by-bit’ understanding are past – it’s ‘crunch time’! This section is a bit like one of those interlocking wooden puzzles – which piece is the key? Take a few minutes to think about this . . . . we have a number of ‘pieces’:
    1. Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem – ‘Palm Sunday’
    2. The ‘sandwich’ of the fig tree and the cleansing of the Temple
    3. The challenge to Jesus’s authority
    4. The parable of the vineyard and its wicked tenants
    5. Three challenging questions from different Jewish groups
    6. The widow’s offering
    7. Jesus’s challenging vision of Jerusalem’s future

Which of these do you think is the ‘key’ to the ‘puzzle’?

  1. In this section, Jesus comes into direct conflict with the Jewish authorities, on their own ‘turf’ – Jerusalem. Mark has chosen to put this story here (John puts it at the beginning of Jesus’s ministry). Why might Mark have done this?
  2. What do you think is the real challenge Jesus is making?
  3. How might that challenge apply to us?
  4. Next time . . . . we reach the ‘end’ of the story and the ‘new beginning’ – in preparation, please read chapter 14:1 – 15:47, and then chapter 16, including any ‘alternative endings’ your Bible may have.