Bible Study week 1 notes

Session 1 – Thursday 6th November

Introduction, Opening and Section 1 – Followers and Foes – Chapter 1:14 – 3:6


  1. Introduction to the series
  2. Overview – has anyone read the Gospel all the way through? Any comments? Notice how much conflict and division there is through the Gospel. Notice the style of Mark’s writing – very swift, energetic, vigorous, and straightforward. The original  was written in very ordinary, everyday Greek [called koine Greek – means ‘common’ – where we get our word ‘coin’ from]
  3. Opening (1:1 – 1:14)
    1. Mark gets straight to the point!
    2. John the Baptist connects the story of Jesus with the Jewish hope for a Messiah. He preaches about repentance – changing your life – in order to get ready for the One Promised by God
    3. The baptism and temptation stories show how close Jesus was to God, his Father
  4. Followers and Foes (1:14 – 3:6)
    1. Look at the message Jesus preached (1:15) – compare it to John’s (1:4 & 1:7-8) – what are the similarities and differences?
    2. Look at how teaching and healing go together in Jesus’ ministry.
    3. Look at how people are affected by Jesus’ ministry – amazed, excited, gathering in large numbers
    4. Look, too, at the way the religious leaders react – what do they complain about in chapter 2? And how does Jesus answer? What do Jesus’s answers tell us about the Kingdom of heaven he has come to proclaim?
  5. Next time . . . . we look more at how Jesus attracted some people and repelled others. In preparation, please read chapter 3:7 – 6:6. We’ll be looking at the ‘sandwich’ that picks up on division – in Jesus’s family and in the house of the devil – so you could focus your reading on chapter 3:20-35.