Bible Study

During November and December 2014, we shared a Bible Study series looking at Mark's Gospel - Mark's story of Jesus.

We used as a resource the excellent little book called 'Mark's Jesus', by Revd John Proctor. If you'd like a copy we can find you one, or you can get one from Grove Books - .

In the book, John Proctor tells us:
"Mark's is the shortest, and was probably the first Gospel to be written. It has energy and vigour - it's sometimes breathless. Reading it is like getting to know an honest and interesting friend."

In our studies together, we found that we did get to know Mark as a friend, and so we've come to know Jesus as a friend too - for Jesus is the best friend we could possibly have.

Here in this section of Trinity's website are background notes, questions to think about and notes of the discussions we had in the group.

Mark's is the shortest of the four Gospels. In my Good News Bible, even with the pictures on almost every page, it only takes 27 pages. If you can, read it all the way through in one session - it shouldn't take you long.

As you read, try to imagine it's a novel - a story about this man Jesus. So just as you get a picture of the main character when you read a thriller, or a romantic story, try to get a picture of Jesus. How would you describe him? How do you feel about him, as you meet him in this story? Which events stand out for you? How does he treat people? Is he attractive?

If it helps, make a few notes, but it's better if you just let the character of Jesus, and the people he meets, make an impression on you.